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The Process

  • Some solution must definitely be devised about this and that is exactly where we, PETROF step in. With our technique, we hope to refine impure inputs inclusive of slops, sludge, bilge water and other wastes (such as sea dumping, port level discharges, etc.). We can purify these wastes by our indigenous technique to give four main outputs:  Water, Side Cut (HGO) Intermediate fuel oil (IFO) and Heavy Oil (XFO). We intend to research and further improve our residues levels to almost zero.
  • The process begins with separation of oil and water by centrifuging. The water is sent for further treatment and is purified to necessity. The oil containing fraction is then further sent for further processing. This processing involves specific distillation processes perfected by our team. The side cut fuel oil (HGO), intermediate fuel oil (IFO) and heavy oil (XFO) is obtained after this process along with some more water vapor. This water will be combined with the water collected earlier. The inherent heat of this distilled water vapor can be used in a regenerative process as well. As a result, we have purified the emulsion of wastes into the vital components.
PWRU Process

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