Petrof - PWRU: Slop Oil Recycling Plants

Save your Marine Culture

Key Features

PETROF – PWRU (Petrof Waste Oil Refining Unit) is our slop oil refinement system which provides refinement to coastal  petrochemical pollution. Some key features about it are:

  • Convert the waste sludge, slop oils and bilge water near your dockyard into utilizable and clean fuel oil.
  • Cut down on your energy consumption used during the process by our innovative technologies.
  • Obtain pure water which may be used for any necessary purpose.
  • We also provide improved traceability solutions and can provide for the entire carbon footprint as well.
  • Along with these primary necessities, we also help in improving port conditions and provide certain maritime solutions affiliated to our process as well.
  • Our process already has minimal residues and our R&D team is continuously working to create a 0 residue process.

Get in touch:

Petrof Refining Technologies Level 9, Platina Bldg,
Block G, Plot C-59,
Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400051 Maharastra, India.

T: +91 22 6700 0569
F: +91 22 6700 0600