Petrof-DMAC - Waste Lube Oil (WLO) Recycling

Zero Clay Technology

Key Features


DMAC  is an indigenous PETROF technology for refining of used lube oil products. Some of its astute characteristics are:

  • DMAC uses No Hazardous or Banned chemicals.
  • DMAC removes Halogens,heavy metals, Sulfur and oxidized products and bring them withinpermissible limits.
  • DMAC  yields high quality base stock with better Color and Oxidation Stability with ZERO CLAY.
  • DMAC Save Complete process Energy Consumption by 30%, as compared to other Processes.
  • DMAC Prevents equipment fouling, corrosion, and coking ofprocess equipment such as heat exchangers and vacuum system.
  • DMAC process separates  bottom from feedstock which can be  used as asphalt extender, rubber process oil, base for black printing ink, axle grease manufacturing and as rust proofing compound.
Petrof- DMAC Process

a. Final Product   b. Oil after DMAC   c. Waste Lube Oil


Output Composition

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