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Used oil re-refining solutions

We, at PETROF REFINING TECHNOLOGIES are a group of technocrats from Oil and the engineering sector with tremendous knowledge and experience gathered vastly on job skills in Project Engineering including project execution, project management and handing them over. We provide exceptional value and service to all our customers by leveraging our significant experience in merchandising, marketing and technology across our business lines.

The petroleum and energy industry is a vital pillar of any economy and is a deciding factor in any country’s position in the international scenario. PETROF group is an independent house with immense interest in safeguarding the nature and environment protection especially with respect to oil related technologies. We provide complete data for setting up Oil re-cycling refineries and we also indulge in the marketing of petroleum products. We focus on growth and innovation to meet both the energy and environmental needs of today.

Responsive supply, distribution and planning allows PETROF group to be well positioned to react to unexpected changes in the market and capture commercial advantages using its strong logistics system.  Thus enabling us to enlarge our brand and raise the retail sales volumes.

PETROF REFINING TECHNOLOGIES offers tailor made Design & Technology along with the responsibility to Supply, Install, Commission and Operate as well. Some of our endeavors include:

  • Waste Lube Oil Refining Solutions.
  • Coal Gasification Plants.
  • Waste (slop) oil recycling solutions.
  • Crude Oil Refining Solutions.
  • Blending and Packing of recycled products.
  • Additives for Lubricants.
  • Grease Formulation and manufacturing.
  • Modified Bituminous products.
  • Tyre Recycling plants.
  • Petroleum jelly Plants.

We also support a Wide Spectrum of Activities revolving around:

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Assembly
  • Erection
  • Commissioning

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Petrof Refining Technologies Level 9, Platina Bldg,
Block G, Plot C-59,
Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400051 Maharastra, India.

T: +91 22 6700 0569
F: +91 22 6700 0600