Petrof - Waste Oil Refining Plants

Save your Marine Culture

Environmental Benefits

PETROF – PWRU is a system which is primarily focused on eliminating pollution. Some of its environmental benefits are:

  • Cleaning of the dockyard and coastal regions from petrochemical wastes.
  • Restoration of marine and aqua culture in the vicinity of areas where petrochemical contaminants were hindering such activities.
  • Reduction in the use of first hand ship fuel. Hence leading to a more sustainable utilization of the resource.
  • Production of pure water which can add on to the quality of the coastal water.
  • Regenerative energy cycles which result in saving the energy being consumed during the process itself.
  • Prevention in the addition of carbon to the carbon cycle and hence reducing emissions.
  • The Heavy cut can be used in many forms such as tar, etc and hence the process has no waste products.

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