Waste Lube Oil Recycling / The Process

The Process


PETROF has unique approach in processing Waste Lube Oil (WLO), with a fundamental philosophy of life, “PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE”. The heavy metals, dust, and carbon which are picked up by the Lubricants, are in the form of sludge. These metals, ash, and carbons are separated from the Waste Lube Oil (WLO), using DMAC technology.

These contaminants contribute majorly in scaling our heat transfer area, carryover of metals, and carbon to vacuum system, resulting in vacuum loss, and increase down time due to maintenance. DMAC technology removes HEAVY METALS + ASH + CARBON, which are in an emulsified form and cannot be separated by using the available standard separation techniques.

PETROF offers technologies, which is

  • Lowest processing cost.
  • Accommodative in any old existing system.
  • The sludge, solids, and carbon in emulsified form are separated at the first stage. DMAC technology preserves Oil quality against cracking, oxidation, and prevents fouling and corrosion of equipment against these removed contaminants.


  • THE second step is dehydration and De-Fueling. The inherent moisture which ranges from 3-5% is removed at this stage with oil temperatures up to 120 degrees. This water is condensed in a separate receiver and then the oil is further heated up to 220 degrees to Evaporate Light Volatiles (Fuel Oil).   The oil dehydration technology provided by Petrof is an evaporation type of system. It combines unique design features for recovering energy and reducing fouling and corrosion potential. The Evaporated water and Light Fuel oil are condensed and collected in separate receivers.


  • The third and the final stage is High Vacuum Distillation. The dehydrated Waste Lube Oil (WLO) is now further Distilled under controlled atmospheric conditions by providing High Vacuum conditions in the range of 0.3 Torr to 0.5 Torr in THIN FILM EVAPORATOR (TFE).
  • THIN FILM EVAPORATOR is tailor designed to suit our DMAC oil parameters. The condensed oil is our finished product and can be sold as RECYCLED BASE OIL or BLENDED to Lubricating oil of desired grade.

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